Three months ago, I reviewed Prince of Persia. I also promised that I would buy anyone who picked up the game and didn’t enjoy it a pint. Easily distracted (and prone to picking up lots of new games I have no time to play) as I am, it has taken me a while to get back […]

I love podcasts. When I’m out and about, particularly on my daily commute, I love listening to people talk. I get excited for certain weekdays, knowing that I can download a new episode and spend a couple of hours in the company of funny, intelligent, interesting people who feel like friends even if we’ve never met. […]

My brother called me a hypocrite – I got an iPhone. Apparently I once said, “I will NEVER get an iPhone.” That sounds exactly like something I probably once said. Upon sending my first iMessage (please, kill me now), a friend asked me what on earth had happened to Paul “fucking Apple” Foster. I’ll tell […]

I was playing Neptune’s Pride II for a few weeks and keeping a SPACE DIARY. There were only three posts and it petered out, to little disappointment (or note). Regardless, this is my excuse what happened. Firstly, I appreciate that SPACE DIARY didn’t make it particularly clear where the actual online boardgame started/finished or which bits were […]

I’ve been receiving odd messages, originating from here. You can view my previous (and keep track of future) attempts to decipher what they say as they go up. LOG ENTRY #F4243 GALACTIC CYCLE 2, TICK 57 We have had to vacate Sadalsuud after spotting a rival commander, who calls itself Linimo, dispatching a large fleet from Kaus […]

This appears to be the second part of yesterday’s transmission, originating from here. The following is my attempt to decipher what it says: LOG ENTRY #F4242 GALACTIC CYCLE 0, TICK 13 Success! With an effortless victory, we have captured our first star. To be fair, Sadalsuud was completely empty when we arrived but is surely set […]

Received a strange transmission this morning. It appears to have originated from here. The following is my attempt to decipher what it says: LOG ENTRY #F4241 GALACTIC CYCLE 0, TICK 1 We find ourselves in Zeta Alphard. A small galaxy, it appears to consist of 171 stars. We must capture at least half of them, […]